User-friendly solution to prevent corrosion of pipes being stored in a yard


A  leading manufacturer of steel pipes and rebar, with a production capacity of more than one million MT annually, needed a user-friendly solution for corrosion on the pipes that were lying rusting in their yard.



Organic and biodegradable rust remover VpCI®-422 was proposed for rust removal on the pipes, followed by the use of VpCI®-414 alkaline cleaner/degreaser to clean the pipes.


A dipping tank was used to apply both VpCI® products, providing effective rust removal and cleaning.


The customer was extremely satisfied with Cortec’s user-friendly recommendations of VpCI® products for rust removal and cleaning.



Preservation of Piping


Piping systems on newly constructed wellhead towers required preservation from internal corrosion and degradation in the period between commissioning until operation, estimated at several years.




VpCI®-649 BD was diluted in water and introduced iteratively to various process piping systems and held for a period, after which it was drained back to a holding tank. After each “pump and dump” cycle, a pH test was performed to verify product concentration and facilitate top-up if required. Long-term corrosion control was verified through periodic corrosion coupon retrieval.


 Corrosion rates in the system during the contractual preservation period were monitored via corrosion coupons, and satisfactory results were achieved.


Protecting heat exchangers from corrosion during shipment overseas


The customer had some corrosion developing when exporting heat exchangers and other equipment overseas. This affected the image of the product and of the company.


After review of the export packaging process, Cor-Pak®VpCI® Stretch Film (Hand Wrap) was recommended for use in direct contact with the equipment. This didn’t change the customer’s process because the equipment pieces were stretch-wrapped before leaving the plant anyway. A strip of VpCI®-150 was added inside according to the inner volume of the equipment that would need protection. The use of VpCI®-150 allowed flexibility for different packagingsizes. The equipment was then wrapped in regular bubblefilm and tightened with non-VCI stretch film on top of all this.

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