Climate Change: Corrosion Control & Sustainability

In a recent interview with the BBC, Prof Sir Ian Boyd of St. Andrews University said the public had little idea of the scale of the challenge from the so-called Net Zero emissions target.

However, he said technology would help. “We need to do more about learning to live sustainably. We talk about sustainability but we don't really know what it means.

We need to make major technological advances in the way we use and reuse materials but we (also) need to reduce demand overall - and that means we need to change our behaviours and change our lifestyles” he said.

In the world of corrosion control Presserv has chosen to help its customers cost effectively and significantly reduce water usage and waste by adopting Sponge-Jet low dust technology for abrasive blasting - with up to 96% waste reduction and >98% hazardous dust reduction than traditional abrasive blasting methods.

Applications include:

Buildings & Structures



Equipment & Machinery

Historical Preservation

Marine Applications

Pipes & Pipelines

Structural Steel

With cost effectiveness being at the root of much of our wastefulness and high carbon footprints it is great news that Sponge-Jet’s environmental credentials can yield savings in nearly every aspect of a project whilst being healthy and clean.

If you’d like to understand more about how you can reduce your environmental impact on your next surface preparation project; and save costs too, please contact us:

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