Corrosion Mitigation Extends Asset Life on Offshore and Onshore Wind Farms

In many cases, wind turbines have been designed with a 25-30 year life expectancy, but similar to assets in the oil & gas production industry, expectations on functional life will run well beyond 40+ years.

Presserv is experienced at combating the hidden enemy that is the unseen corrosion found in: electrical enclosures, control cabinets, switchgear AC/DC motors & DC generators, hydraulic and lubricating systems

To achieve longevity, we must look to technology to bring solutions that mitigate against corrosion in all parts of the structure.

Owners and operators of both onshore and offshore wind farms must look beyond corrosion to exposed structure, although this is an issue and highly visible, it can be dealt with relatively easily with patch repairs or a fabric maintenance programme for larger areas. The hidden enemy is the corrosion that goes unseen:

  • Electrical enclosures

  • Control Cabinets

  • Switchgear

  • AC/DC Motors & DC Generators

  • Hydraulic and lubricating systems

Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibiting, (VpCI), technology has been the industry standard in the energy sector for over 50 years for combating corrosion in hidden and concealed areas.

This technology is now being specified for maintenance application in the offshore and onshore wind sector for areas such as:

  • Anchor bolt corrosion management

  • J-tube internal corrosion control

  • Electrical / Mechanical protection against the effects of salt-laden air

  • Internal structure protection in the tower, transition area and nacelle spaces

  • Splash zone and subsea areas including monopiles

How VpCI technology works by forming a molecular protective layer on ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces

Presserv Limited are a global leader in corrosion control service provision in the energy sector.

Specialising in surface preparation using low dust abrasive blasting using Sponge-jet equipment and media, visco-elastic coatings from STOPAQ for pipework and structural steel and Cortec VpCI technology for electrical, mechanical, process and structural corrosion control.

Presserv have produced the Corrosion Protection Guidelines document for Wind Farms.

Should this be of interest to readers of this article responsible for asset life extension, operational or fabric maintenance and mechanical/electrical equipment maintenance, then please email for a copy to be sent to you.

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