Cortec's VpCI Technology, NASA and the Environment

Cortec® Corporation’s VpCI® inhibitors performed best among all the corrosion preventive compounds tested in a real life test, “The Behavior of Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Preventative Compounds in an Aggressive Coastal Marine Environment,” conducted by NASA at their atmospheric test station at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This is known as the most corrosive area in the United States and one of the most corrosive places in the world because of its hot climate, proximity to the Atlantic ocean, and winds carrying salt spray and fallout of rocket propellants that are highly corrosive.

Kennedy Space Center is located within the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge; therefore environmentally-friendly alternatives are highly sought after. The shift to use environmentally friendly technologies throughout future space-related launch programs prompted a study aimed at replacing current petroleum and solvent-based corrosion preventive compounds with safer alternatives.

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