Here's a quick run through of how quickly CorrVerter® Rust Primer gets to work


  • Water-based

  • Can be applied via spray, brush, roll, or dip

  • Single component system—no mixing needed

  • Low VOC

CorrVerter® Rust Primer gets to work quickly applied with a sprayer, brush, roll or dip with no mixing and low VOC
CorrVerter® Rust Primer gets to work quickly, applied here using a sprayer


CorrVerter® can be topcoated with both water-based and solvent based topcoats including: • Urethanes

• Epoxies

• Acrylics

• Alkyds

CorrVerter® topcoated with urethane

VpCI®-396 is a high solids aromatic moisture cure urethane.

VpCI®-396 is a direct to metal primer for multimetal protection.

In addition to the outstanding barrier protection, VpCI®-396 also contains Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors for additional protection.

VpCI®-396 is suitable for immersed structures when applied over VpCI® CorrVerter® for marginally prepared surfaces; such as ballast tanks, storage tanks, or holding tanks containing hydrocarbons to high salinity solutions.

VpCI®-396 forms a very hard, but flexible coating that cures in the presence of moisture in the air.

For best results the curing conditions required are a relative humidity between 20% and 80% with temperatures above 32°F (0°C) and below 120°F (50°C).

That easy!

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