How Presserv solved subsea OEM's preservation issues

A leading subsea OEM approached Presserv to discuss an inherent problem they were having with the removal of temporary corrosion protections product from a Master Valve Block after they arrived on site from their supplier.

The main issue being that they were unable to use any mechanical aid to remove the product and were having to use high pressure wash. This was causing a significant delay and increasing the overall cost of the project.

Presserv assisted by sending their technical team to site to review the application and removal process as well as visiting the OEM Supplier to look at the process at their site.

MVB showing signs of corrosion following previous application guidelines prior to the introduction of VpCI-372 anti corrosion protection

Following this review Presserv recommend the use of Cortec VpCI-372 Peelable Coating

VpCI-372 is a fast drying, water-based, extra-thick, peelable acrylic coating which provides multi-metal protection and excellent UV resistance.

VpCI-372 can be peeled by hand. It provides protection from atmospheric corrosion in addition to providing a physical barrier against nicks, abrasion and scratches

Presserv provided VpCI-372 to the client who followed the recommendations and following a test case have found that no mechanical removal devices where required.

The VpCI-372 can be peeled by hand or in their case removed by use of high pressure jet spray within 15 min.


VpCI®-372 is a water-based, extra-thick, peelable acrylic coating for temporary protection of metal parts against rust and corrosion in harsh, outdoor, unsheltered conditions.

The coating protects metal surfaces such as splines, threads, and machined areas that have dynamic profiles.

It can be applied to metal surfaces by spraying, rolling, brushing, or dipping and is thick enough not to sag or run off the surface when applied. In one to two hours, the coating is dry to touch.

It hardens into a thick covering that resists physical abrasion and UV rays.

The low-VOC coating can be peeled off and discarded as solid waste, leaving behind a clean and corrosion-free surface.

MVP following removal of VpCI-372 Peelable Coating showing successful corrosion prevention

The client has now moved to VpCI-372 as the main product to provide corrosion protection for future work.

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