Jetty Pile Protection with STOPAQ

These jetty piles located in the SIOT Marine Terminal, exposed to aggressive winds, hot summers and cold winters, were showing severe corrosion due to the failure of existing epoxy coating.

External cracks in the system and spread of corrosion under the film.

Piles were coated pre-installation with an undefined epoxy coating, still showing good adhesion in the dry area above the water line but the splash zone area had to be maintained over the years with various coatings, which failed in some cases 1 - 6 weeks after application and showed cracking after two years with others.

Regular maintenance and re-coating was set to every 4 years.

Cracking of the epoxy coatings. STOPAQ is impermeable to water and oxygen and can be applied underwater

Flexible application makes it possible to interrupt the application at any time making it possible to continue terminal operations and minimise cost.

Underwater application of STOPAQ intermediate layer PVC-Yellow. Corrosion prevention impermeable to water and air.

Below and above water line can be applied separately depending on weather, sea and time restrictions.

The STOPAQ corrosion preventative materials are impermeable to water and oxygen. They adhere to any surface - steel, concrete, PVC, existing coatings, which are free of loose parts.

With one application of STOPAQ materials, the jetty piles are protected for (a 30 year warranted) life due to the materials' fully flexible nature, impermeable to water and oxygen.

Application of the STOPAQ Outerglass XT 24 corrosion prevention under water that can be applied underwater

STOPAQ Materials used:

Below TZ

- Wrappingband CZ

- Outerwrap PVC, yellow

- Outerglass Shield XT24

Above TZ

- Stopaq Wrappingband CZH

- Outerwrap PVC, black

Surface prep.

High pressure water jetting (ST-2)

Find out more about STOPAQ's applications here

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