Presserv opens office in Rotterdam

Presserv have opened their Benelux office at one of the most dynamic places in the port of Rotterdam, the iTanks innovation facility on the RDM Campus.

The RDM Campus is on the site of the former Rotterdam Shipyard (RDM), in the middle of the Rotterdam City Ports. The area has been developed into an energetic and attractive location for educational institutions and companies, with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability.

On the opposite side of The Maas river from RDM, 'M4H' is another developing business hub for maritime and industrial businesses. Together they make The Makers District. Here, new technologies based on digitisation, robotization, additive manufacturing, and the application of new, sustainable energy and materials are being developed, tested and applied.

How RDM became a hotspot for technical experimentation

The Port of Rotterdam recognised that what had been an historic shipbuilding site and industrial maritime asset could stay that way, but only with the right investment in engineers, academic partnerships, infrastructure, and upgrades to the port facility itself, so they could adapt to become a ‘smart port’ – without the need for one large tenant in order to breathe life into the site. Instead, they could have lots of smaller tenants and really play to the port’s assets, and that’s exactly what they did.

Anchored in several academic institutions including Albeda College and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, also joined forces with Delft University of Technology, RDM, together with businesses and students, are working to find sustainable solutions in the disciplines of construction, mobility and energy.

More than 60 innovative companies have found their place at RDM where they contribute to the inspiring and productive character of the location. Companies have access to high-tech facilities and find collaboration with education and research bodies, allowing innovations to be quickly realised.

It is a place that encourages great thinking and doing, from the impressive RDM Onderzeebootloods (Submarine Wharf) to the unique spaces in the RDM Congress Centre, RDM provides a dynamic location for research, education, collaboration and innovation.

Start-ups, SME's and world players in the maritime and offshore sector can be found at the RDM Rotterdam Campus, which now includes Presserv, based at iTanks.

iTanks is a knowledge and innovation platform for the port-related industry, which it recognises as an industry with a high innovation potential.

iTanks is a stimulating network of companies, knowledge institutes and industry experts where new technology and the latest innovations from within and also outside the sector are shared.

A huge amount of knowledge and expertise are also available to those whose application areas for the industry are not yet realised. iTanks high-tech facilities, collaborative, educational and research abilities are available to explore and promote new ideas.

Presserv are thrilled to be a member of the iTanks network and to open its Benelux office in the iTanks Workspace at RDM, Rotterdam.

Kristian Fasel outside Presserv's new Benelux base at the iTanks Workspace at RDM, Rotterdam
Kristian Fasel outside Presserv's new Benelux base at the iTanks Workspace at RDM, Rotterdam
This office demonstrates Presserv's commitment to expanding and accommodating Benelux-based clients. The Rotterdam Port is an ideal location being Europe's maritime capital and one of the world’s major centres for oil and chemicals. The iTanks facility provides the social and innovative atmosphere which suits Presserv perfectly.

We are delighted that Kristian Fasel has joined Presserv to develop and support Presserv's Benelux customer base. Kristian brings over fifteen years business development experience in engineering and in the oil & gas sector to Presserv and has been instrumental in setting up the new Presserv Benelux regional office at iTanks in RDM.

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