Presserv provides the solution to the corrosive nature of gas supplying the Netherlands energy

Presserv solve the problem of the corrosive nature of gas distributed from the TAQA Bergermeer facility by using a VpCI solution proven to control the pH of the gas as it travels through the process pipework.

The TAQA Bergermeer facility are re-using the depleted Bergermeer gas reservoir, located 2,500 metres underground, as gas storage, applying modern and innovative technology. 

In the last 40 years the gas was extracted to provide energy, power and heat for the Netherlands. The Dutch government regards Gas Storage Bergermeer as a matter of national importance.

Part of the challenge faced by TAQA and EBN B.V is the corrosive nature of the gas coming from the Bergermeer gas reservoir via the gas distribution network throughout the Netherlands.

The distribution pipework needs to be protected internally using a corrosion inhibitor that stops the chemical composition in the natural gas accelerating corrosion to the carbon steel pipework.

After two years of testing, Cortec VpCI 706 was selected as the best option to mitigate against corrosion in the distribution pipework.

VpCI 706 works by controlling the pH of the gas as it travels through the process pipework, it also has little or no effect on the plastics and polymers contained in the gas process plant that the gas passes through.

“We see the use of clean, safe vapour corrosion inhibitors in gas and hydrocarbon distribution networks and pipelines as a progressive step in mitigation of corrosion in process systems” stated Stuart Rennie, Commercial Manager for Presserv Limited.

“The successful inclusion of VpCI 706 at the Bergermeer facility can be applied to other countries with the same issues regarding pH of their domestic gas. We also see similar opportunities to within the oil & gas industry for mitigation of corrosion in process lines”

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