Quick Shutdown with Smart Stacking Kit

The industry’s current need for quick, economical shutdown solutions has been addressed by Presserv's corrosion experts with the creation of the Smart Stacking Preservation Kit.

With contract suspensions, the sharp decline in Brent crude, downward pressure on day rates, contract terminations, deferral of programs and cancellations before start up, the pressure to quickly and effectively protect assets and equipment makes financial sense.

Once Smart Stacked, the asset needs only minimal work to de-preserve, as most of the vapour corrosion inhibitors can remain in place to provide corrosion control in operational mode.

With Presserv’s Smart Stacking, rigs are shutdown quickly and maintained at minimum cost

Smart Stacking - Strengths

  • Maintain the rig at minimum cost

  • Ready for operation in short time – 2 weeks reactivation time (on preservation scope) (VpCI-technology)

  • Stop the clock on SPS and extend the lifetime of your assets (2 yrs)

  • More resources for maintenance

  • When using VpCI technology, no or little maintenance is required

  • Presserv’s preservation procedure is more comprehensive than the vendors recommendations for preservation

  • No or little difference in commissioning phase when using Presserv preservation solutions

Presserv’s Smart Stacking Preservation Kit

Designed for these unprecedented times, Presserv’s Smart Stacking Preservation Kit makes the process more efficient, practical & economical.

The Kit contains all the required Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors for the preservation of electrical, mechanical, lubrication/hydraulic systems, fuel additives and VpCI powder for tanks and pipework.

The kit is delivered in a 20’ container with full application guidelines depending on the type of asset being Smart Stacked.

Your asset will be primed and ready when you and the economy bounce back.

Using VpCI technology, reduces reactivation time to two weeks; assets are primed for when you and the economy bounce back.

Contact the Presserv team to discuss your bespoke Smart Stacking Preservation Kit:

salesuk@presserv.com +44 (0)1224 772694

Presserv take pride in the ability to tackle the most difficult corrosion problems that can't be resolved by traditional methods. We offer our clients the ability to extend the life of their assets by utilising proven technologies in surface preparation, coatings and preservation of the asset and equipment in shutdown, storage and transit with over thirty years experience in the field. And each element of our offering takes into account the need for a safe, environmentally sound and sustainable solutions.

Presserv are ISO2015 certified corrosion prevention experts in Aberdeen

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