The Benefits of Idling and Mothballing Plants

Idling or mothballing chemical plants can be an effective device for producers fighting the economic downturn.

In these unprecedented times Presserv is supporting Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical sites and refineries adopt comprehensive lay ups of individual plants or entire plants to ensure operators are able to prosper once this short period of economic crisis ends. Faced with increasing costs and decreasing demand, companies are increasingly choosing to idle and mothball their plants.

Benefits of Idling

In these troubled times when debts are mounting and ambitious growth plans are being reined in, temporarily closing assets remains a powerful tool for producers. The challenge is being in a position to restart them again when things pick up.

Turnkey preservation services are vital to ensure a smooth start-up of the plant.

Idling for a matter of months, keeping the unit "warm" with all internal and external plant assets effectively preserved with turnkey application of corrosion control systems, and continuous monitoring of the assets throughout the layup period is vital.

Future assistance with the transition from the layup phase to plant commissioning with the knowledge that assets will be ready for comeback and as fit for use as the day you left them allows producers to react quickly to any pickup in demand.

As soon as the economic outlook improves, output can be ramped up quickly and cheaply.

Benefits of Mothballing

"Right now, nobody has a crystal ball. It's all very difficult to predict what is going to happen and if you asked 100 experts, you'd get 200 different opinions. I've been working 29 years in the industry - this is my fourth crisis, but the present crisis is always the worst."

Tony van Osselaer of BMS.

As the alternative to mothballing is the expense of closing the plant permanently - digging out and cleaning a brownfield site - many companies choose to mothball their plant and clean up five to ten years later.

Turnkey Corrosion Control Engineering and Application Services

Presserv Group specialises in turnkey corrosion control engineering and application services for lay-ups of individual units or entire plants. Our personalised services are able to effectively preserve your equipment and assets so that when you need them they are ready for comeback.

Presserv Group has experience in Mothballing with some of the biggest plants in the world across a vast range of industries. We provide our services for all operations big or small.

Our services:

  • A corrosion audit for identification of all facility corrosion control requirements.

  • A comprehensive plan to mitigate internal and external corrosion on all plant assets - both above ground and underground.

  • Turnkey application of all corrosion control systems.

  • Monitoring and maintenance of corrosion control systems during the layup period.

  • Future assistance with the transition from the layup phase to plant commissioning.

Presserv use the most advanced corrosion protection method available today - application of VpCI® inhibitors. Safe and cost-effective, vapour phase corrosion inhibitors mitigate the damage caused by corrosive process streams.

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Presserv is an international corrosion control and preservation contractor with over thirty years experience in shutdown, lay-up and preservation of assets, equipment and parts.

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