Sponge Jets unique technology allows clients to change from costly traditional processes to a safer and less costly way of managing projects.


Sponge-Jet is considered by many to be the best choice in low dust blasting. At 98% less dust than traditional blasting methods, the low dust environment allows for a safer, healthier and more environmental project. This allows other operation to continue around the worksite and help to reduce project time and cost.



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Sponge-Jet has engineered a line of composite abrasives, incorporating the best abrasives or micro-abrasive particles, within high-performance synthetic sponge. The diverse range of recyclable composites provide superior results for aggressive profiling and abrading or delicate cleaning on highly sensitive substrates. The synthetic sponge captures up to 95% of the contaminants, reducing fugitive emissions through its MicroContainment™ feature.


Worker health and plant safety issues are dramatically improved when Sponge-Jet technology is used for surface preparation. Fugitive emissions (TSP and PM-10) can be reduced as much as 97% over traditional abrasive blasting, drastically reducing reportable environmental emissions. Sponge Media particles capture the contaminants removed from the surface – reducing worker exposure to hazardous airborne dust normally caused during abrasive blasting. Injuries caused by abrasive ricochet are eliminated. Sponge Media is also recycled which can reduce waste disposal up to 96%.