Unsealed Tank Bottom Chime Areas

GNOPC Port of Sudan - 7 storage tanks 40 - 80 m. dia.

IOCL Paradip, India - 2 crude oil storage tanks, 80 m.dia.

IOCL Vadinar, India - 2 crude oil storage tanks, 80 m.dia.

ExxonMobil Mossmorran, UK- 1 Ethylene storage tank 34 m dia.


Concern over leaking in the chime area of storage tanks. Without sealing the chime area the ingress of air combines with water and accelerates corrosion, leading to leakage and the possible loss of the tank bottom. 


  • We ensured surfaces were dust free and dry. Loose materials were removed; rust, paint, concrete and dust, using the MBX small bristle blaster on small areas and water jetting on large areas.

  • Care was taken to ensure surfaces were dry prior to application of the STOPAQ.

  • STOPAQ EZ was used to check for surface cleanliness.

  • STOPAQ 4200 filler was applied to join steel and concrete using manual and air operated application tools, with care taken not to smear the filler.

  • STOPAQ EZ was applied - this necessitated a 3 - 5 hour STOPAQ Application training session. No tools required.

  • The STOPAQ was cut to form around connections and applied around manholes and service doors.

  • The STOPAQ EZ was painted. Please contact us for the compatibility of aesthetic coatings.






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Protecting X-knot

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Replacing failed fusion bonded epoxy coating